Kate Hansen’s Wolf Was Jimmy Kimmel’s Prank

Kimmel and Hansen
Yesterday we — as did most of the rest of the Internet — shared of the wolf wandering the Sochi hotel halls of Olympic luger Kate Hansen (PeekYou profile here). Well, it turns out it was all a hoax, and the handiwork of late night TV host, and notorious prankster, Jimmy Kimmel (PeekYou profile here).

During a week that has found the brand-spanking-new Tonight Show dominating the viral video trends, Kimmel found a way for his and ABC‘s Jimmy Kimmel Live! to keep up and then some. Truly, the paradigm has shifted, and this ain’t your daddy’s late night wars.

In the video below, Kimmel and his willing co-conspirator, Ms. Hansen, explain the prank, go into the ensuing hysteria, and even introduce the lovely wolf behind all this hubbub.

Brilliant, brilliant stuff.