Just in Time for the First Day of Spring: Polar Bear Twins

polar bears
In the northern hemisphere of our planet, it’s the first day of spring as we type this. On this day of all days, a person’s thoughts may turn to birds, bees, April showers, May flowers, and even pilgrims… But polar bears?

Your skepticism is warranted, but these are not just any old polar bears. These are BABY polar bears; cute enough to warm up even the most arctic of circles.

From Munich, Germany’s Hellabrunn Zoo (special PeekYou profile here) comes this reliably adorable footage of these currently unnamed, 14-week old, brother and sister polar bear twins; about whom you can read a bit more at the Houston Chronicle‘s site here.

While we’re in the business of indexing people, not zoos, the special PeekYou profile we’ve created for Hellabrunn will lead you to all the same types of things an individual’s profile would; like social pages, websites, videos (but this time videos of cute animals), news articles, and more.