Jonas Brothers Break Up

Jonas Brothers
For those who came of age in the noughties, few names likely ring louder bells of pop culture recognition than those of Lucas, Marcus, Krokus, and Vinnie Jonas; collectively known as the Jonas Brothers.

Of course those aren’t their names (which are Kevin, Nick, and Joe), but the fact remains that they sure were a big deal a few years back. What we’ve just learned is that as recently as this week they were apparently still together. We know this, as we have also just caught wind — via Internet scuttlebutt — that they’ve broken up. As folks are talking about it, we’re surmising that they’re still kind of a big deal.

Go figure, on all counts. Huff Po reports on the break-up here.

As they are a family act, we imagine that they’ll get back together eventually. But what do we know? Not a lot, but you know what we could do to fill in those gaps in our knowledge? That’s right! We could visit their PeekYou profiles — where we’ll find links to videos, social pages, photos, articles, personal websites, and so much more — as you should by clicking the highlighted names below:

Kevin Jonas

Nick Jonas

Joe Jonas