Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Take You Back to Camp Winnipesaukee

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake together, doing virtually anything, is one of our modern society’s sure-fired crowd-pleasers.

Whether co-hosting SNL, or doing one of their History of Rap bits on The Tonight Show, people — particularly, let’s admit it, women of a certain generation — are endlessly delighted by any and all antics produced by the pair.

On Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show the crowd was again pleased, as Justin showed up for, among other things, the sketch you can view below.

In the summer camp sketch, set in the somewhat distant past of 1997, JT and Jimmy play a pair of early-adolescent boys incapable of falling asleep; from all the hormones and sugar dominating their systems. The brace-faced pair discuss the various concerns of boys their age, and — in a slightly anachronistic flourish — finish things off with a rendition of Third Eye Blind’s largely forgotten 1998 hit “Jumper.”

Visits to JT’s and Jimmy’s PeekYou profiles — accessible by clicking their highlighted names above — will make available to you a vast cornucopia of digital goodies, as you tour, scroll, click, and poke through their respective, robust online existences.