Jimi Hendrix’s Final Interview



From Blank on Blank“a multimedia nonprofit with a simple mission: curate and transform unheard interviews with cultural icons, bringing them to life on YouTube, radio, mobile apps, and beyond” — comes this terrific animated clip featuring audio from Jimi Hendrix’s (PeekYou profile here) last known interview.

The interview was conducted by rock journalist Keith Altham a mere week before Jimi’s tragic death, and it’s charming, witty, insightful, and most poignantly draws attention to just how young Jimi still was at that time, and how much more he had to give.

Over 43 years since his death, Jimi’s digital footprint is enormous, and his social media presence can hold its own against today’s biggest pop stars. A visit to his PeekYou profile — accessed at the link above — will grant ample opportunity to explore Jimi’s life and work, as it exists strewn across the digital landscape in the shape of nearly every conceivable medium.