Jason Sudeikis Returns as Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso
A year ago NBC Sports went viral with a sketch featuring SNL-alum, Jason Sudeikis, as American football coach Ted Lasso; inexplicably brought to the UK to manage Tottenham Hotspur, a Premier League soccer team.

The gag was pretty clear, and rather corny; a “gridiron” football coach completely unfamiliar with soccer and completely out of place in the UK struggles with the assorted incongruities. But Sudeikis sold it.

In this reprise of the premise, Sudeikis sells it again, and in fact may even be funnier this time around. Check it — and its predecessor — out below, and explore the best of what the Web holds of Sudeikis and his career by clicking his highlighted name above and visiting his PeekYou profile.



And here’s the first time we met Ted: