Jake Johnson Hopes There’ll Be a New Girl Reboot in 10 Years: ‘I’m Thinking of This as a Pause’

After seven years of New Girl, Jake Johnson is saying goodbye to his beloved character Nick Miller — or rather, see you later.

“It was a great run,” Johnson, 39, tells PEOPLE ahead of Tuesday night’s series finale. “We also live in a world now where Will & Grace and Roseanne are on network TV and Star Wars is our biggest movie. Realistically, hopefully, in 10 years we’ll be doing more New Girl. I’m not thinking of this as the end of New Girl, I’m thinking of this as a pause for New Girl.”

Johnson says he would be on board for a reboot in the future if the show’s creator and writer Elizabeth Meriwether has a “good take on it” and if everyone has time.

“I’ll most likely jump back,” Johnson says. “I say that now, but I don’t know where I’ll be in five years. Potentially I’ll be living on some weird island, but if I’m still in the Hollywood industry and New Girl comes around, I would love to jump on it.”

Tuesday’s one-hour finale will be split into two episodes with the first featuring Nick’s wedding to Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess and the second featuring a tour down memory lane with the show’s group of friends. Johnson says that the finale had to change a bit when he shot a scene with Dermot Mulroney (who plays Russell Schiller) and ended up breaking his hand.

“We were shooting a scene in a hallway where we’re wrestling for Jess and my hand bumped against the wall, and I…