Jack Vale’s “Bad Husband” Valentine’s Day Prank



Jack Vale (PeeYou profile here), is a California based comedian and Internet prankster, whom you may know from his legitimately useful, informative, and creepy “Social Media Experiment” prank that went viral last fall.

Well, he’s back and racking up video views again, this time with his wife, and with a prank just in time for Valentine’s Day; or, at least that’s how Jack’s promoting it, and who are we to pass up the opportunity for some of that holiday-inspired buzz rubbing off on us?

The central gag in this video is simply the way unsuspecting good Samaritans respond to Jack’s caddish behavior as he refuses to help his pregnant wife carry a heavy thing (she’s not actually pregnant, but wearing a fake belly).

Check it out, and then head on over to Jack’s PeekYou profile where you can surf his robust, and well attended to digital footprint; complete with social pages, websites, places to buy things, photos, videos galore, and much more.