Is Nicki Minaj Readying A Safaree Diss Before A Remy Ma One?!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Look, as far as most are concerned Nicki Minaj has proven that she’s “scared” of Remy Ma given the fact that she didn’t respond to Remy’s diss track.

Listen, Remy hit below the belt and drew blood. Some are saying Nicki is “unbothered” and that she has too much to lose by responding to Remy. Some are saying that every action doesn’t require or deserve a reaction, but this is freaking Hip Hop man!!

To make matters worse, Nicki has been responding to everyone but REMY MA! Fans even let her have it when she responded to Trey Songz telling him that he should be clearing her name the day the “ShETHER” track dissed. Everyone, Trey included, felt that Nicki should be mad at/responding to Remy and no one…