In Honor of National Coffee Day

Juan Valdez
September 29 is National Coffee Day (as the L.A. Times explains here), and — fans of a good cup of joe as we are — we wanted to commemorate it somehow.

Juan Valdez, the iconic symbol used for nearly half a century now of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, is of course a fictional character. But on PeekYou, if you do a search for it, you will find nearly 570 gentlemen who share the name; at least one of whom, just might be the actual guy. So long as you just believe, of course.

This very special and most bracing and invigorating of days was devised — in addition to being a celebration of the elixir of life — as a means of promoting “fair trade coffee” and raising awareness of the often rough working situations for coffee growers around the world.

A list of National Coffee Day deals and freebies can be found here, and visiting the PeekYou profile of “Mr. Valdez” — by clicking the appropriate highlighted text above — will lead you to a vast many corners of the Web from where you can learn much more about Colombia and its coffee-growers.