Improv Everywhere Transforms NYC Subway into Luxury Spa

Improv Everywhere
Those who have visited PeekYou’s hometown of New York City between June and September are likely aware of the subterranean swelter that awaits all who enter the bowels of our vast and ancient subway system during those months.

Local wiseguy performance artists, Improv Everywhere, set about recontextualizing the stifling conditions straphangers endure, and transforming the dingy and oppressive environment into a cleansing spa.

Improv Everywhere was formed in New York City, in 2001, by Charlie Todd. From the very beginning, they’ve delivered on their slogan “We Cause Scenes,” staging elaborate pranks and theatrical incidents, in a vast array of public spaces.

To explore IE‘s rich and varied history of stunts, and to explore their vibrant digital footprint, visit Charlie Todd’s PeekYou profile at the link above; where you’ll find tons of videos, articles, photos, social pages, and more.