Improv Everywhere and the Subway Car Pizza Party

Improv Everywhere
Eating is forbidden on New York mass transit. This of course has virtually no impact on the culinary behaviors of a great many straphangers, gleefully chomping away on the most fragrant of dishes, to the dismay and turned stomachs of many of their fellow travelers.

Local wiseguy performance artists and general viral videoistes, Improv Everywhere, recently decided to flout this ordinance for their own characteristically whimsical purposes; a magical pizza party thrown for the commuters upon one lucky car.

Improv Everywhere was formed in New York City, in 2001, by Charlie Todd. From the very beginning, they’ve delivered on their slogan “We Cause Scenes,” staging elaborate pranks and theatrical incidents, in a vast array of public spaces.

To explore IE‘s rich and varied history of stunts, and to explore their vibrant digital footprint, visit Charlie Todd’s PeekYou profile at the link above; where you’ll find tons of videos, articles, photos, social pages, and more.

And now, here’s the party…