How Would You React to Winning $15M?

Daniel Colman
Going viral this weekend is a clip of professional poker champ, Daniel Colman‘s surprising, and (appropriately enough) difficult to read reaction to winning a $15 million jackpot.

23-year old Colman won over $15 million during the Big One for One Drop event, that took place during the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

What’s made this clip catch on with we Internetters, however, is Colman’s stoic response to beating Daniel Negreanu at the final table, for this massive payday. (Negreanu, incidentally, walked away without about $8 million.)

The event took place back in July, but only aired recently, hence its going viral now. At the event, Colman turned down all interview requests and had to be somewhat cajoled into posing with the pile of money (as pictured above).

This week he offered some insight into his apparently principled stance behind making a thing of his victory by tweeting (as part of a longer thread of tweets);

Daniel Colman
Check out this gentleman — who seems to almost resent his gambling skills — in the video below, and then click his highlighted name above to peruse the best the Web has to offer about and from him.