Teen’s Michael Jackson Routine Kills It

Michael Jackson
From this year’s talent show at Turlock, California’s Pitman High School (PeekYou School Search here) comes a clip that has gone positively supernova over the past day; in terms of viral spread.

At around the 1:11 mark, you’ll see a kid entertaining his fellow students by dancing and lip syncing to Michael Jackson’s (PeekYou profile here) Billie Jean.

Okay. So, why is it viral? Well, as it turns out he does it really well. That’s all.

We’ve read some pieces which suggest the kid is shy, or unpopular, or something along those lines, attempting to impose some drama upon this thing. But none of that’s evident from the video itself. Still, the kid did a heck of a job.

The King of Pop’s massive and eternal digital footprint can be explored by visiting his PeekYou profile.