Hear an Office’s Sounds Remixed for a Sweet Holiday Party

Surfing Bear Cub
Popular YouTube remix artist, Andrew Huang, was asked to work his musical magic with the sounds of the Toronto offices of digital marketing agency, Klick Health.

As Andrew explains on his own YouTube channel, “I was recently invited to remix an office. I went to Klick Health in Toronto, and spent four days with them recording everything we could find in the workplace, and I turned all those sounds into this fun, upbeat holiday track.”

Andrew did a pretty swell job of making festive and lyrical the mundane beeps, whirrs, ¬†taps, and coughs of the traditional office. Clicking Andrew’s highlighted name above will lead you to his PeekYou profile, from where you can explore his many creations, strewn across the Web in all corners of social media and beyond.