Hard Science: Biking Across a Pool of Cornstarch



Hard Science is the name of a new online show hosted by Anthony Carboni (PeekYou profile here), of Discovery’s DNews, and Tara Long (PeekYou profile here) of Rev3Games; with the stated intention of taking “science out of the lab and onto the playground.”

The clip above — which is currently going viral, and bringing this entertaining little series some deserved attention — features the popular water and corn starch, “non-Newtonian fluid” experiment. Without getting in over our heads and summarizing the physics involved — as that’s the video’s job, and we beg of you to check it out — we’ll just add that the gag is that, as a result of this experiment, people theoretically walk on water (and in actuality walk upon one part water, two parts cornstarch).

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