Happy Mother’s Day, from PeekYou

Mothers, we don’t mind saying, are the best. So, “Hallmark holiday,” or not, we unreservedly love Mother’s Day; and we want to wish all the mothers out there the very happiest of days (and have a great year, while you’re at it, moms).

You can use PeekYou to locate florists, or caterers, to aid you in your celebrations, or perhaps — if need be — we can even help you track down your mother; provided she has a presence on the public web. But, assuming you are lucky enough to know where your mother is already, JUST CALL HER.

For goodness’ sake, it’s the least you could do, after all that woman’s done for you.

Shut Your Mouth!
It is our understanding that the gentleman pictured above is a bad mother…

Back in 1984, noted pro-mother advocate, Mr. T (PeekYou profile here), took a moment out of his then jam-packed schedule to impart to us a bit of indispensable wisdom. On this day of days — your mother‘s day — won’t you please take a moment to treat her right?