Happy Friday the 13th!

Jason and his Mum
It’s Friday the 13th, and it’s our understanding that a day of terrible luck awaits us all.

Or perhaps you’ve been given better information than we. Regardless, the day does bring to mind thoughts of goalie masks, machetes, and hormonal, camping teens; thoughts we are well equipped to address.

Look, we don’t specialize in indexing emotionless, cold-blooded, indestructible, mass-murdering movie monsters, but they do get indexed all the same. Few are as well represented on the Web as Pamela Voorhees’ oh-so troubled, lake-dwelling boy, Jason. Check out his PeekYou profile here, where you can investigate the many internet haunts — containing a vast assortment of media — where his iconic name can be seen, and his hulking presence can be felt.

And, for the love of goodness, be careful out there today.