Happy Canada Day


On the occasion of their national birthday, PeekYou would like to express our deepest love and affection for our neighbors to the north and closest allies, the residents of the great nation of Canada.

From SCTV to William Shatner, from Drake to his alma mater Degrassi High, Canada has enriched our lives down here in the lower 48 to a degree we could never do justice in this space.

It’s been said that the theme music from the CBC‘s Hockey Night in Canada is the unofficial Canadian national anthem. But we propose that it is instead this song below, the vocalist of which — the man believed by countless generations of North American suburbanites to be the greatest bass player who ever lived, Mr. Geddy Lee — can be found on our site by clicking through here

For all the massive recording artists that the country has produced — Celine, Alanis, Avril, Bryan Adams, etc. — no act is more wed with Canada in the minds of the public than these guys:



And here, some highlights from the extraordinary career of the man who many would agree is Canada’s proudest son. Ladies and gentlemen, The Great One: