Guy Gets Jeep Stuck in the Ice, Guy Gets Jeep Out



Videographer and YouTube filmmaker, Casey Neistat (PeekYou profile here), is going viral right now with the above clip showing him getting his Jeep stuck in a frozen pond, and then getting it out.

Casey openly admits that in hindsight it was “a pretty dumb thing to do,” but apparently he momentarily thought it would be fun drive across the ice. This, of course, resulted in the vehicle getting stuck. What follows, however, is one heck of an inadvertent and unsolicited commercial for Jeep.

In the video’s description, after insisting that this was not a commercial, Casey let’s the good folks at Jeep know that if they’d like for it to be one, he’ll happily accept checks for the endorsement.

A visit to Casey’s PeekYou profile offers numerous opportunities to explore his many other, perhaps more substantial and deliberate videos, as well as his many social pages, and much more.