Gravity, Opening This Weekend

Bullock Clooney
Sandra Bullock and George Clooney — two individuals ranking near the very tippy top of our PeekScore digital footprint measurement scale — star in, and make up the entire onscreen cast, of a new flick opening this weekend called Gravity.

We have no idea, yet, whether the movie’s any good or not (although we’ve quite enjoyed past films by the director, Alfonso Cuarón), but the internet’s buzzing about Georgie and Sandy, and it seemed an excellent time to remind you good people of where you could go to learn more about each of them.

You can visit Clooney’s and Bullock’s PeekYou profiles — and explore the far flung nooks, crannies, and corners of the Web where stars of their caliber can be found — by clicking on their highlighted names above, or doing a free search for them on PeekYou directly.