Gonjasufi’s New Remix Album, Featuring Shabazz Palaces and Massive Attack’s Daddy G, Celebrates the Mandela Effect


Gonjasufi’s psychedelic blasts of bass and spiritual noise have always been disorienting–the kind of music that might impels you to check your headphone jack to make sure everything is plugged in correctly, or is it really supposed to sound like that? Now, he’s applying his off-kilter sensibility to release formats as well.

The Mandela Effect, released digitally today with little fanfare, is the followup to last year’s Callus. The easiest way to describe The Mandela Effect is as a remix album: It contains reworks of Callus tracks by artists who, like Gonjasufi, fuse Afrocentric mysticism and sci-fi with hip-hop and murky dub, like Shabazz Palaces (who remixes “Afrikan Spaceship”) and Massive Attack’s Daddy G (who puts his spin on “Your Maker”). But The Mandela Effect also has original music, including a collaboration with…