Gilmore Girls: Lauren Graham responds to revival backlash

Lauren Graham says she and her Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life costars are steering clear of the internet after the revival of the popular series debuted on Netflix last week.

During a panel discussion hosted by SAG-AFTRA in New York Tuesday night and streamed via Facebook Live, Graham was joined by Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson. Moderator Gazelle Emami, an editor at New York Magazine, noted that some viewers have criticized Gilmore Girls characters for being “kind of awful sometimes and a little bit selfish.” She pointed to Paul — Rory’s neglected boyfriend whose name Luke and Lorelai can’t seem to remember. “There’s been a little bit more of a backlash against their characters this time around,” Emami said.

“We don’t pay attention to anything,” Graham responded. “We don’t know. None of us are on the internet, almost at all. So I know what you mean, but the show has a sense of humor, and that’s its sense of humor. And I think maybe it feels a little different; Rory’s not in high school anymore, so yes, as grown women constantly forgetting… I just thought it was a funny runner. But the whole show has a kind of heightened theatrical quality. I mean, just like Donald Trump, don’t take it literally. But unlike that, to me it was more of a metaphor for, this isn’t the right guy, and this is how they communicate about…