Free-agent-to-be Pierre Garcon asks on Instagram, ‘Y’all hiring?’

Pierre Garcon, in what might have been his last game with the Redskins. (Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

NFL free agency won’t officially begin until the second week of March, but Redskins free-agent-to-be Pierre Garcon is already looking for a job.

“Y’all hiring?” he asked on Instagram Monday morning, a two-ish word question that prompted some to wonder if Garcon’s future prospects in Washington might be dim, and others to wonder how it is that we now attempt to predict future sports personnel moves via Instagram captions.

Garcon’s free agency is probably overshadowed by the team’s looming decisions about Kirk Cousins and DeSean Jackson, but of the three men, Garcon has been the most vocal about his desire to stay in Washington. He’s started more games here than the other two, owns businesses here and has gotten involved in local causes.

“I love playing in D.C.,” Garcon said in a December interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Redskins fans are amazing, regardless, year in and year out. I’ve been here for tough times in D.C. and I’ve been here for good times in D.C., and D.C. is where I want to be. D.C. is an amazing town. They love football, and I love being around people that love football. I love being in a place where football is No. 1, regardless of what happens.