Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett on Band’s Unpredictable New Tour

Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett discusses the band’s upcoming tour, and why their epic sets have been growing more and more unpredictable.

When the Foo Fighters hit the stage on any given night, they only sort of know what will happen. Dave Grohl will make a set list, mapping out each gig’s mega-length sets to include songs from each of the band’s albums and a spate of raucous covers, but the group’s guitarist, Chris Shiflett, says it’s only good for about the first two hours.

“Things change on a dime,” he says. “When we get into that final third, Dave will start cutting, adding and rearranging songs, or he’ll do stuff in a different order. You have to stay in the moment the whole time. You don’t want to be up there thinking about, you know, the room service. It keeps you on your toes.” Shiflett laughs.

When the Foo Fighters kick off a new North American leg of their Concrete and Gold tour this week, their intention is to keep their fans on their toes as well. They’ve been touring in support of their ninth studio album for close to a year, and they’ve refined the new material. “Before the album came out, when we were doing a lot of festivals, we were doing really raw…