Flashback: Davy Jones Plays His Final Show With the Monkees

Five years ago this week, Monkees singer Davy Jones died of a sudden heart attack while tending to his horses at a farm in Indiantown, Florida. (He had the misfortune of dying on leap year day making it hard to mark the exact anniversary.) He’d been extremely active right until his death, making it all the more shocking. “For me David was The Monkees,” Mike Nesmith told Rolling Stone shortly after Jones passed away. “They were his band. We were his side men. He was the focal point of the romance, the lovely boy, innocent and approachable.”

One year before Jones died the Monkees (minus Nesmith) put aside a decade of acrimony to hit the road in honor of their 45th anniversary. Their previous tour ended rather badly when Peter Tork walked away due to circumstances that were never quite explained. “We were getting along pretty well until I had a meltdown,” he