Fallon, JLo, and ‘Tight Pants’

Fallon and Lopez
On Monday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy (PeekYou profile here) welcomed movie/pop star Jennifer Lopez (PeekYou profile here) to the show.

Reprising a bit Jimmy’s previously done with the likes of Will Ferrel (PeekYou profile here), Fallon and JLo sang a duet wherein one claims to be donning more snug trousers than the other. We didn’t watch through to the end, to be honest, but assume some sort of resolution was reached.

We’re not really this kind of blog, but we’d remiss were we not to mention that somewhere a picture of Ms. Lopez growing old must exist; as the woman in no way looks as though she’s just about to turn 45.

JLo and Jimmy can be investigated more in depth via the many public web links — including social pages, videos, photos, news articles, and more — to be found upon their respective PeekYou profiles.