Ex-Giants kicker Brown denies hitting wife

Former New York Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted publicly to domestic violence for the first time during an interview with “Good Morning America,” but he disputed the more than 20 incidents claimed by his now ex-wife, Molly Brown, and he said he never hit her.

Brown, 37, wants to return to the NFL. He was cut by the Giants on Oct. 25 after admitting the abuse to the team.

“I mean, I had put my hands on her. I kicked the chair. I held her down. The holding down was the worst moment in our marriage,” Brown said during an interview with ABC News’ Paula Faris. “I never hit her. I never slapped her. I never choked her. I never did those types of things.”

Farris asked Brown how people are supposed to reconcile him abusing but not hitting his ex-wife.

“They’re not supposed to. What I did was wrong. Period,” Brown said. “Domestic violence is not just physical abuse. We’re talking intimidation and threats, the attempt to control, body language. An abuser is going to abuse to a certain degree to acquire some kind of a reaction.”

Brown still seemed to take offense to the notion that he hit his wife.

“The world now thinks I beat my wife,” Brown said. “I have never hit this woman. I never hit her. Not once.”

Brown was arrested on May 22, 2015, in Woodinville, Washington, on suspicion of domestic assault in the fourth degree. Charges were never filed.

In October of last year, documents…