Dying Author Writes Heart-Wrenching Dating Profile For Husband


When nearing knowable death, it’s fairly standard to go over a list of what you wish you did in your life or prepare your loved ones for what will happen.

It’s not standard, however, to create a dating profile for your husband to use once you’ve passed.

Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal does just that in her devastating New York Times’ Modern Love essay entitled “You May Want to Marry My Husband.” She tells readers that she “facing a deadline, in this case, a pressing one. I need to say this (and say it right) while I have a) your attention, and b) a pulse.”

Rosenthal, who has written children’s books, novels and memoirs, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015. The diagnosis aligned with her third child leaving for college ― a moment that should have marked the next chapter of life for her and her husband, Jason, but instead indicated that the final chapter was imminent. She talks of all the things she’ll never do and places she’ll…