Dr. Horrible Sequel Is Coming… Eventually

Dr. Horrible
During 2007-2008’s Writers Guild strike, cult-television institution, Joss Whedon (PeekYou profile here), and his brothers (along with others), busied themselves by creating an original, musical-comedy-drama miniseries for the Web; this at a time when original, Web-only content from legit Hollywood pros was a highly unusual thing.

The fruit of these experimental labors, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog — which starred Neil Patrick Harris (PeekYou profile here) as the titular doctor — was ravenously devoured by the Whedon-faithful and beyond, making it one of the first real successes of its kind.

It’s the likelihood of a Horrible sequel that has the Web ablaze with chatter this weekend, all resulting from a statement Whedon recently provided Entertainment Weekly: “We know we have spoken publicly about a sequel in the near distance and our passion to create it, and I promise we have not been insincere. Horrible is still one of our favorite creations by humans who were also us. We have many songs written and the plot outlined, but needless to say, we’ve been busy. Joss has had a hectic couple of years and is in the middle of the busiest year of his life, as is Zack and as are we. Also the actors have other things they’re acting in, I think. So the future is uncertain, our passion remains. DH2 will exist, in some format or another, at some point in the future. Unfortunately, the when is still unclear.”

All parties involved have always said that they were on board with the idea of a sequel, so it’s a bit of a surprise that a mere reiteration of this fact has given birth to Web-wide buzz, but that’s the Web for you.

Anyway, visits to Whedon’s and Harris’ PeekYou profiles will provide links to all sorts of content: videos, photos, articles, interviews, essays, fansites, and so much more.