Doc Rivers perfectly explains the Warriors’ psychological effect on their opponents

The Warriors beat the Clippers 144-98 Saturday night, a 46-point beatdown so bad that the box score should stand as the Wikipedia entry for “Catch This ‘L.'” Steph Curry had 43 points in the win, including a half-court 3. After the game, Steve Kerr said this about the performance:

“People write this, but Steph’s gonna Steph,” Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said. “What does that mean? I don’t know.”I’ve read that. Whatever that means, I think that’s what happened.”

Source: Superhuman Stephen Curry returns and the Warriors’ dominance returns with him – The Washington Post.

And he’s right. Curry was magnificent, shooting 9-of-15 from 3-point range. The Warriors outscored L.A. by 15 from beyond the arc.

But wait, subtract 15 from 46 and you get 31. The Warriors would have beat the Clippers by 31 points if the Warriors had hit…