Deadpool: No Good Deed Brings A Basket Of Easter Eggs

We’re about five weeks away from Easter Sunday, so it was awfully nice for Ryan Reynolds to come and hide a bunch of Easter Eggs for us this morning in the No Good Deeds short. So why did we get a Deadpool short a year before the sequel? And why is it being shown in front of the Logan movie and not after the credits like comic book movies usually do… Lets break it down. Now I’m looking at the one released on-line today, which differs some from the one running in front of Logan. Those changes include the song first playing and the appearance of Stan Lee.

We start off with Deadpool strolling along, taking his headphones off so we hear John Parr’s them from St. Elmo’s Fire / Man in Motion (the theatrical version has Juice Newton’s Angel in the Morning) and then we see the guy getting mugged in an alley. Once Mr. Pool decides to intervene, he races for a phone booth and the Superman theme form John Williams kicks in. How did Fox get the rights to use the theme song? Well, the song is from the classic Richard Donner film… and Donner is married to Lauren Shuler Donner who is a producer on Deadpool… so she might have had some pull there. This is of course a reference to how Superman always changes in a phone booth.

On the phone booth we…