Dallas Sports Anchor Defends Michael Sam, and Goes Hugely Viral



By now, you may have heard about Dallas-area sportscaster, Dale Hansen (PeekYou profile here), and his impassioned, on-air editorial defending NFL hopeful, Michael Sam‘s courageous decision to come out as gay. If not, though, you really should view the above.

The clip portrays a grand and eloquent take-down of Sam’s critics, and of the hypocrisies rampant not only in the NFL, but perhaps in other areas of our greater society as well.

We tend to divorce ourselves from political matters, here at the blog, as they’re not relevant to what we do. Also, we should add that we’re not familiar with Mr. Hansen or his opinions on any other topics. We’ll happily admit, though, that we do quite like this.

Maybe both we and you could better familiarize ourselves with Mr. Hansen by visiting his PeekYou profile; where links to tons of videos, articles, and more of all the sorts of things the Web might have regarding a guy, can be found.