Dallas Cowboys: What’s Missing From All The Analysis

Following the Dallas Cowboys loss in the NFC Divisional Round of the playoffs, here’s what I feel isn’t being discussed enough in all the post-game analysis.

Now what? After losing another heartbreaking playoff game to the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys are forced to sit back and think about all the ‘what ifs.’ It feels like it’s still too fresh to move on from, yet, especially knowing that Dallas was so close to winning a game they were once down 21-3.

There are a lot of reasons why the Cowboys lost, and plenty of people have no issue tossing that blame around. Most of the culprits have already been talked about, but take a step back and realize that perhaps this didn’t have anything to do with the Cowboys at all.

Maybe that quarterback for the Packers was just too good, something we knew coming into the game. Before getting too angry with friendly fire, just know the Cowboys were just a few perfect plays by Aaron Rodgers away from heading to the NFC Championship game.

That’s what seems to be missing from all the analysis of what the Cowboys did or didn’t do. It basically all came down to…