Colvin On What It’s Like To Win With Patriots, Players Skipping White House Trip

Rosevelt Colvin celebrates Super Bowl XXXIX. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Rosevelt Colvin celebrates Super Bowl XXXIX. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

BOSTON (CBS) — Former Patriots linebacker was part of a Super Bowl-winning team in each of his first two seasons in New England, so he knows quite a bit about the process of winning.

Joining Toucher & Rich for the final time of the season on Friday morning, Colvin said that times have changed a bit in terms of the way players celebrate.

“From that standpoint, social media wasn’t as big,” Colvin said, while noting that there was nobody on Rob Gronkowski’s level of partying back in 2003 and 2004. “At that moment when we won that second Super Bowl when I was there, iPods and iPhones really just got on the map. So broadcasting things that you were doing, that was still the time when you had MySpace, that was the big thing then. So we’ve come eons and eons from where we were then.”

Colvin also said that most players on those teams were older and had families, which helped keep things relatively tame.

“So it was a different thought process — there were a lot more older guys that had younger kids or kids and wives, and I just don’t think it was something that was done a whole, whole lot,” he said.

In the celebrations, did Colvin ever see head coach Bill Belichick really get loose and let it rip?

“No, but I do remember at the ring ceremony, Bill pulling out — and people talk about Tom [Brady] getting a fifth ring, putting his fifth on his thumb — Bill, I’ve never seen it before, Bill pulled out [after Super Bowl XXXIX] all his rings from the Giants and [the Patriots] and he was just standing there just like doing a two-step with all his rings on his…