Colbert mocks Bannon, Miller, other Trump aides: ‘It’s a rough time for the Stephen community’

Continuing his regular mockery of the president, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert ended his Friday night monologue by paying tribute to all the Stephens/Steves of the world who, as he suggested, are suffering for sharing the same name as key aides to President Trump.

“There are so many Stephens in the Trump administration. It’s a rough time for the Stephen community,” Colbert said, noting the obvious, of course — that he, too, shares the name. “So tonight, I stand up for Steves, because we, Steves, are your neighbors. We’re your mailmen. We are your brothers-in-law.”

Steves “might represent the lesser Baldwins,” Colbert said, but “we’re proud.”

“When you want to read about a demon who kills New England children, do you pick up a book by Bernie King? No. You go to Stephen King every time. Stephens invented the Stone Cold Stunner,” Colbert said, referring to professional wrestler Steve Austin’s signature move.

Colbert made special mention of Stephen A. Feinberg, a New York billionaire who might be in line to lead a broad review of U.S. intelligence agencies. The president has repeatedly and publicly assailed those agencies for leaking information to the news media. During a news conference Thursday, Trump downplayed the possibility of Feinberg launching a review of the country’s intelligence agencies and said the move might not be necessary once his team is in place, The Washington Post’s John Wagner and Renae Merle reported.

Feinberg, a longtime friend of Trump and co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, “offered his services,” the president said, but he also added he doesn’t think his administration will need them.

Colbert said the other controversial Stephens or Steves in the Trump administration, obviously,…