Chris Christie Defends his use of Springsteen Music

Christie Clarence Boss
New Jersey governor, Chris Christie is the focus of buzz right now for making it clear during a town hall Q&A on Tuesday that, despite their political differences, Bruce Springsteen has no problem with the governor using his music.

Christie (an avowed Springsteen fanatic) was holding one of his “No Pain, No Gain” summer town halls in Long Branch, when a woman in attendance took to task his use of Springsteen’s music at events. Miffed, in that way he’ll famously be when he disagrees with someone, the governor said the woman was mistaken in her assertion that Springsteen would prefer he not use his music. Insisting that he and Bruce have spoken on the matter, and she is simply wrong.

Throughout the town hall, the woman who raised the Springsteen issue was holding up a sign that read “INDICT,” suggesting that her problems with the controversial governor extended beyond his song selections.

Recently, actor and wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took issue with his image being employed by the governor’s people for an online video. Johnson was soon removed from the clip — a movie trailer parody — and the video was reposted without him. Johnson, afterward, said there were no hard feelings.

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