Cardi B’s 2018 Coachella Performance Required Her To Drop A Ton Of Money — Here’s Why

April 13 marked the opening day of Coachella, the much-anticipated annual California music festival the attracts concert-goers from around the country. The festival featured many high profile performers this year, including Cardi B, whose 2018 Coachella performance actually required her to spend a lot of cash. As it turns out, the rapper’s Coachella performances are costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As reported by Digital Music News, in an interview with Sirius XM on April 10, the rapper revealed that she was being paid $70,000 for each of her two Coachella performances. However, she also noted that it costs $300,000 to set up her stage for each show — and the festival does not pay for staging. Thus, while Cardi B is making $140,000 for her entire Coachella gig, she is expending at least $600,000 to perform, leaving her with a loss of around $460,000. As Digital Music News noted, this loss does not even include Cardi B’s other costs associated with her performance, such as tour staff and performers.

The rapper commented on the ironic nature of her essentially paying to perform at Coachella during the aforementioned radio interview. As she described it:

I’m getting paid for Coachella, like 70 bandos [$70,000] a day — yeah — so it’s just like, I done got booked for this, … and then it’s like, I have to invest so much money on my stage set, my own money that I…