‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Trailers Tease New Drama and the Return of Gus Fring

BTS, Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul - Season 2, Episode 4. Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/Sony Pictures Television/AMC
Ursula Coyote/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Better Call Saul” Season 3 now has an official premiere date — Monday, April 10 at 10 p.m. — and more importantly we’ve gotten our first real look at footage from the the show’s return. In the clip below, Kim is still helping out Jimmy with his legal practice, following the rules of their unconventional business relationship, but remains wary of him following the revelations of Season 2.

The clip was released at the TCA winter press tour, which also featured a panel including creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, as well as stars Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean, Jonathan Banks, Patrick Fabien and Rhea Seehorn. Also on stage: Giancarlo Esposito, who we last saw terrorizing Walter White as Gus Fring on “Breaking Bad,” and is indeed confirmed to now be a part of the “Better Call Saul” action.

We already knew that Gus would likely be involved with Season 3, originally thanks to an Easter egg buried in the episode titles of Season 2, then even more clearly thanks to the new video released this week, a commercial for Los Pollos Hermanos. At the end of the commercial, the owner of everyone’s favorite chicken joint/drug front appears, sending fans into a tizzy.

The TCA panel began with the above Jimmy and Kim clip, followed by Esposito making a surprise entrance into the panel — along with a special delivery of Los Pollos…