Beauty And The Beast TV Spots Spotlight The Prince’s Transformation

The live-action remake of the beloved Beauty and the Beast is only 10 days away, and Disney is pulling out all the stops to show you just why you should head to the theater by releasing three new TV spots for the film, which currently holds a 3.23 out of 5 on’s anticipation rankings.

In the “Magic TV spot, Gaston (played by Luke Evans) recounts the absurdity of their being magic in the world, though don’t tell him there’s a talking teapot and teacup who might have issues with that. The spot also gives fans a glimpse of the turning point for Belle (Emma Watson) when she asks Beast (Dan Stevens) if there’s any way to break the curse. It’s worth it alone though to see Cogsworth defend himself with a sword, which for some reason brings to mind the “Farfegnugen” screamed by Niles Crane on Fraiser…not really sure why.

In the “Cursed” spot, fans get a better look at the prince’s transformation into the Beast, and what the servants at the castle looked like before their transformations. You can…