Ariana Grande: ‘Sexuality in Art Not Invitation for Disrespect’

Ariana Grande wrote a series of follow-up tweets to critics of her message detailing a crude incident with a fan of boyfriend Mac Miller.

Ariana Grande continued a conversation about objectification on her Twitter following responses to her message about a crude experience with a fan of boyfriend Mac Miller. Grande’s original message detailed a young boy calling Grande “sexy” and congratulating Miller for “hitting that” in front of, but not directly to, Grande.

In the pop star’s follow-up tweets, she noted that many people’s main critique of her words is that she is “so sexual” in her videos and her music. “Expressing sexuality in art is not an invitation for disrespect,” she explains. “Just like wearing a short skirt is not asking for assault.”

She further stated that expressions of sexuality are a woman’s choice. “You are literally saying that if we look a certain way, we are…