Alec Baldwin And Jimmy Fallon Just Did Competing Donald Trump Impersonations

As President Donald Trump continues to inspire protests, Jimmy Fallon’s brand of throw-no-punches comedy seems to increase in cringe-worthiness.

Nevertheless, Fallon hosted Alec Baldwin on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, ahead of Balwin’s 17th time hosting “SNL” this weekend. Baldwin has recently regained massive popularity with a beloved (and bordering on vicious) impersonation of Trump.

During a recurring game segment called “Box of Lies” ― where Fallon and his guest guess whether the other is lying about an object hidden to only the guesser ― Baldwin broke into his Trump persona seemingly impromptu. While trying to lie about having a Chewbacca mask with a blonde wig in front of him, Baldwin instead stated ― in his signature Trump squint and pout ― that his object was a burrito filled with bananas.