Al Roker Trying to Break Weather Report World Record

Al Roker
Longstanding Today Show meteorologist Al Roker is — as of this writing on Thursday afternoon — attempting to break the world record for longest uninterrupted live weather report broadcast, at a rather staggering 34 hours.

#Rokerthon, as the event is dubbed and tagged, started at 10:05pm ET on Wednesday night, and will be continuing without interruption until just after 8am on Friday.

There are a number of inflexible rules that Roker must abide for the Guinness Book to recognize the record. First, he can only report on the weather, and may be disqualified if he veers off-topic at all. However, he’s not confined to a 5 or 10-day forecast. He’s permitted to go back or forward a week in either direction in his reporting. Also, he may speak of any region on the planet. In truth, with those permissive parameters there is enough information there to easily fill 34 hours; which is not to say it will make compelling viewing, apart from the stunt aspect.

A report from last night recounts:

The evening’s most memorable moment came when Al took his first bathroom break — with his microphone streaming sound to viewers. Al’s take on the moment: “Live stream has a new meaning.”

Watch to see if Mr. Roker entirely loses his marbles here.

And watch him seemingly actually lose them below: