‘A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving’ Does What it Says on the Tin

A Tiny Hamster Thanksgivin
Award-winning social media agency Denizen took the Internet by storm, this past April, with the terrific bit of self-explanatory, “I wish I’d thought of that!” viral video wonder called Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos.

The video, which featured precisely what it advertised, garnered in excess of 8 million views.

Further episodes featuring Tiny Hamster (whose PeekYou profile you can access by clicking his highlighted name) were soon developed, including this memorable installment where the little fella faces off against the Michael Jordan of competitive eating, Takeru Kobayashi.



Well, now the good folks at Denizen are back with perhaps their tour de force; the Citizen Kane of Tiny Hamster videos, and a sweet holiday treat to boot. In A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving, we meet a chef dressed as a pilgrim — or perhaps just a pilgrim chef — who serves up on adorable poker chips, delicious looking, albeit minuscule servings of turkey and all the trimmings; mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, and the requisite pies.

In the spirit of the season, of course, T.H. doesn’t indulge this feast by his lonesome. He is joined by pals of assorted rodent (and/or related) stripes; such as a rat, a rabbit, and even another hamster, all donning now their pilgrim apparel. A teensy-tiny cornucopia makes the perfect centerpiece for the whole bizarre and oddly compelling affair.

To those worrying for the well-being of the critters, Denizen is careful to reassures viewers in the video’s description that they “work with professional animal trainers to be sure that all the food is hamster/bunny/rat/cute animal safe.”