A British Animator and His Guide To American Football



In anticipation of Super Bowl XLVIII, from British animator/designer, Fraser Davidson (PeekYou profile here), comes this highly entertaining and not inaccurate — if frankly, grossly biased — explanation of the ins and outs of “gridiron,” NFL-style football (or, as we simply call it here in the states… um, football).

Ignoring that — contrary to the suggestions of the video’s subtitle — millions upon millions of American liberals and ladies adore our nation’s autumn pastime (which we assume Fraser knows, just as we know that soccer is not only enjoyed by chanting, brawling hooligans), this video is sure to provide a smile for those yanks who can take a ribbing from our closest overseas allies and cousins.

Fraser is an animator and designer of some accomplishment, and his work and career can be explored through his quite healthy Web presence, via his equally robust PeekYou profile.