50 Cent in ‘Malefiftycent’

50 Cent
On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy (PeekYou profile here) welcomed rapper 50 Cent (PeekYou profile here) to the program. While there, 50 premiered the trailer for his brand-new, Disney produced blockbuster; Malefiftycent.

The clip, of course, is not promoting a real flick, but is instead a parody of recent Angelina Jolie (PeekYou profile here) hit, Maleficent. A joke inspired, we suppose, by the fun-to-say portmanteau pun, and the fact it is an amusingly incongruous idea.

But why must we dissect the jokes of the good people on Jimmy Kimmel’s writing staff? Just watch the clip below and enjoy. And then head to the PeekYou profiles linked to above for oodles of digital goodies; such as videos, songs, photos, interviews, articles, and much more.