5 New Ways to Enjoy the Beach This Summer


Summer is officially here! It’s time to break out the towels, volleyball, and of course, the sunscreen, and head to the beach. For centuries, urbanites have flocked to the beach to escape from the heat and grind of the city. Here at PeekYou we want to serve up some new ways to enjoy this age-old escape.

1. Booze Smart

For many people, a beach day is incomplete without libations. However, the intense sun and heat combined with beach activities greatly increases the risk of dehydration. Nothing ruins a beach day like a headache or tiredness, so try new ways to get your drink on while staying hydrated. Make your own wine spritzer, or try a trendy Spiked Seltzer. Soak fruits like watermelon, oranges, and apples the night before in rum or liqueur for a delicious, boozy treat that will also replenish your electrolytes. Coconut water can be added to your favorite cocktail recipes for a hydrating twist, and when all else fails, break out the crystal light and give lemonade an adult makeover. Still stumped? Get fancy with recipes here.


2. Give Yourself a Spa Treatment

Combine two of the world’s most relaxing activities by treating yourself to a spa day at the beach. Take advantage of your time sitting under the sun to apply a moisturizing hair mask, as both DIY and store-bought masks work best in heat. Use Mother Nature’s best exfoliator by packing some olive oil or essential oils ahead of time, combining with wet sand, and rubbing gently in circles on elbows, knees, and other rough areas. Emerge silky smooth and slather yourself in sunscreen to seal the moisture in. Leave the beach with more than the usual sun-kissed glow!


3. Use the Sand as Your Game Board 

The sand can be used for more than building castles and burying people. Have kids? Draw a massive Tic Tac Toe board in the sand, and tell the kids to go beach-combing to find pieces. Try a competitive game of checkers: sea glass versus sea shells. Even Connect 4 can be played in the sand–get creative! Beaching with a group? Draw lines for Four Square and Hopscotch.


4. Upgrade the Old Standbys

We live in an age where brilliant technological minds have thought of products to make nearly ever aspect of life more convenient. This is an age where we can buy cases for cell phones that light up for better selfies. Read: there are better beach products out there than when you were a kid. Treat yourself to them, and enjoy a beach day as you never have before. Towels come with pockets for beach essentials. Speakers and cameras are waterproof! We all know sunscreen is essential, but reapplying is a drag. Now you can buy sunscreen wipes, sprays and sticks–no more excuses. Bring a wagon to haul all your gear, back-pain free, and a terrycloth pillow to cushion your neck. There is even a hack for the age-old problem of sandy feet: sprinkle baby powder on your soles and brush off with ease.


5. Leave Late

We know, we know–everyone says the key to the beach is leaving as early as possible to avoid traffic and crowds. However, by doing this, you are missing out on arguably the most gorgeous time at the beach: sunset. So, try something new, and leave in the middle of the day, after everyone else has already battled traffic and set out their towels. You will still get a few hours in the sun during its hottest hours, and by the time everyone else is exhausted, covered in sand, and heading home for dinner, you’ll still be full of energy and ready to catch the sunset. Gorgeous colors, reflective ocean water, and unbroken horizon make this a real treat. Once sunset is over, pack your bags and enjoy a drive home on empty roads.