2014’s Most Googled Celebs and Their PeekScores

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Some big year-end doings on the Net this week, as on Tuesday Google released its annual Year in Search; disclosing who and what in the big wide world had the Web’s citizens most curious this year.

Of the many lists they’ve compiled, the group we’re highlighting here is the cyberspace giant’s list of the year’s most searched for celebrities. Scandal and sensationalism seemed to drive most of the searches; with Oscars and/or good looks driving others. Good looks, truthfully, were likely a factor in most cases.

Here’s the full list:

1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Kim Kardashian
3. Julie Gayet
4. Tracy Morgan
5. Rene Zellweger
6. Jared Leto
7. Lorde
8. Matthew McConaughey
9. Amal Alamuddin
10. Donald Sterling

Ruling Google searches is not the same as ruling the Web, however. Their most searched for celeb, for example, proudly shuns social media, and as a result she leaves a slightly more modest digital footprint than you might expect.

Where we step in is in determining how much there is on the Web to find from and/or regarding these people when searching for them. Our PeekScore determines how present, influential, and active an individual is on the Web, and we’ve sorted these stars out according to theirs.

While there are many surprises below, the biggest surprise may remain who it was who was missing from Google’s list.

Clicking the items on the list below will lead you to the corresponding celeb’s PeekYou profile from where you can explore the best of what the Web holds of his or her life and career; including social pages, home pages, interviews, movies, TV shows, photos, and much more.

Rank Picture Name Bio PeekScore

Kim Kardashian A reality TV juggernaut, she has elevated “famous for being famous” to a high art. She got married and showed her butt this year. 10.00 / 10.00

Lorde Teenaged singer-songwriter and New Zealand native. This year saw the continuation of the incredibly successful career the “Royals” singer launched in 2013. 10.00 / 10.00

Amal Alamuddin Successful human rights attorney who became a household name this year for marrying one-time confirmed eternal bachelor, actor George Clooney. 10.00 / 10.00

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar-winning star of Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and the Hunger Games franchise. This year she was the victim of a phone hack and leak of her personal photos. 9.39 / 10.00

Jared Leto Ageless actor and lead-singer for multi-platinum band Thirty Seconds to Mars. This year he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. 9.09 / 10.00

Tracy Morgan SNL alum, standup comic, and former star of 30 Rock, who was badly injured in a car accident this year. 9.03 / 10.00

Matthew McConaughey The Texan movie star this year won the Oscar for best actor, and also starred in HBO’s True Detective; one of the most talked about and critically praised shows of 2014. 8.63 / 10.00

Renée Zellweger Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones star who made headlines this year for altering her appearance with plastic surgery. 8.55 / 10.00

Donald Sterling Billionaire and former owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. He was forced to sell the team this year amidst a racism scandal. 8.13 / 10.00

Julie Gayet French film actress, she made headlines this year due to an alleged affair with French President François Hollande. 7.40 / 10.00