Happiest Retail Chains to Work For

Holiday Window
Here’s a holiday season related PeekScore survey for y’all. CareerBliss — the jobs and companies related online community and ratings site — has recently compiled, from the thousands of reviews on their site, a list revealing which companies in the retail sphere provide the best all-around work experiences for their employees.

“This holiday it is more than just the deals that may entice shoppers, knowing you are shopping at a company that truly embodies the holiday spirit by treating their employees with respect and letting them feel some holiday cheer about their career makes shopping an even happier experience,” said CareerBliss CEO Heidi Golledge, of the list and its particular relevance to this time of year.

A Forbes.com slideshow highlighting the 10 companies in question, and getting into things a bit more in detail, can be viewed by clicking through here.

And here’s the list:

1) Ross Stores
2) Costco
3) Ikea
4) Neiman Marcus
5) Apple Stores
6) Barnes & Noble
7) TJ Maxx
8) Verizon Wireless
9) Lowe’s
10) Nordstrom

Where we’ve stepped in and added our own twist to things is with the below PeekScore list featuring the CEOs of the ten companies most highly rated by CareerBliss’ users. This is not a measurement of the various successes and/or abilities of these CEOs, but rather a look at their presences and impacts here in cyberspace; their “digital footprints,” if you will.

Clicking through the items on the list below will lead you to the corresponding exec’s PeekYou profile, from where you can learn more about the companies they lead, as well as their greater lives and careers.

Rank Picture Name Company PeekScore

Tim Cook Apple Stores 9.45 / 10.00

Karen Katz Neiman Marcus 7.15 / 10.00

Blake W. Nordstrom Nordstrom / Nordstrom Rack 7.08 / 10.00

Carol Meyrowitz TJ Maxx 7.05 / 10.00

Lowell C. McAdam Verizon 7.05 / 10.00

Michael P. Huseby Barnes and Noble 7.03 / 10.00

W. Craig Jelinek Costco Wholesale 7.02 / 10.00

Robert A. Niblock Lowe’s 7.02 / 10.00

Peter Agnefjäll Ikea 7.01 / 10.00

Barbara Rentler Ross Stores 6.76 / 10.00